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She is compassionate and caring and really wants the very best for her clients

Christine has been so supportive and helpful through my cancer journey. She really listens to the challenges and side effects I am experiencing during chemotherapy treatment and uses a combination of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture to best treat the problems I am experiencing. I notice a big difference after sessions with her. I had started having some neuropathy symptoms in

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She is gifted in putting the pieces together

I’ve spent many years searching for answers to my chronic health issues through allopathic medicine. Time and time again, I was told all my tests were normal and was offered medication for my symptoms. Two years ago, I was able to find considerable relief through a functional medicine practitioner who identified food intolerance’s and a suppressed immune system as causes

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Managing Anxiety

During many parts of my day I have anxiety. The anxiety keeps me awake for hours before I finally fall asleep. This leaves me with zero energy that causes more anxiety because I can’t make myself do anything. I also suffer from mostly nighttime sweating although occasionally during the day. Since seeing Christine I have almost stopped sweating and the

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She is very knowledgeable and understanding

I would highly recommend Christine for your acupuncture needs. She is very knowledgeable and understanding. I started seeing her for chronic migraines and within 3-4 visits I have seen a huge difference. Five star rating!!!

-Lisa W.

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