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Acupuncture has done me wonders.

Christine is kind, informative, and genuinely cares about her patient’s health! Acupuncture has done me wonders.


Barely any pain on most days & feels amazing!

She is an amazing Human!
I had surgery on my abdominal area for a rib issue. The scar was dark purple & a huge indent into my abdominal muscle. It caused me pain,soreness & burning even after over a year.
After multiple treatments of acupuncture & moxi, there’s little to no indent & almost the same as my

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I would definitely recommend her

I have been to Christine for part of my journey through Chemo that has caused Neuropathy in my feet and fingers. I have felt a big differance with the acupuncture results. She is very knowledgeable in her field. I would definitely recommend her.


She is compassionate and caring and really wants the very best for her clients

Christine has been so supportive and helpful through my cancer journey. She really listens to the challenges and side effects I am experiencing during chemotherapy treatment and uses a combination of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture to best treat the problems I am experiencing. I notice a big difference after sessions with her. I had started having some neuropathy symptoms in

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