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Christine, you are a godsend!

This is my first foray into Acupuncture and it has been such a wonderful experience. I am a huge proponent of self-care and this is just one more piece that keeps me on top of things. It is now October and I have been seeing Christine since June 2022 and I cannot say enough good things about her and the way she is so in tune with her patients. She takes the time to listen to you and figure out what you need. It is a whole body and mind experience. One day I went there for my appointment, suffering from a migraine all day and when I left I said “what migraine?” She’s helped with headaches, neck, knee, back pain, anxiety, stress, digestion and even introduced my to QiGong- an Asian form of yoga. A great way to relax and wind down or wake up in the morning. I highly recommend Christine and Cornerstone Acupuncture.
Christine, you are a godsend! Thank you for being such a professional!

-Linda T.

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